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We'd love to welcome you to Specialized Mastering, so please contact us to talk through your project and for a custom quote tailored to your project.

Dana White - Mastering Engineer

1 503 866-8383

Portland OR, 97224

Contact - Email

Specialized Mastering is in the Portland OR area, for in-person projects. We also offer remote mastering work. 

"Listening to the tracks now. They sound wonderful! Crisp, clear and a nice punch to them! Hats off to you for the work you do.

- Robert Britt, Composer/Artist

"It sounds so majestic!!! amazing!! 

thank you for sharing this with me, cant wait for the release of this record!"

- Alejandro Gordillo of the Ravenscroft, Scottsdale, AZ 

"You really worked some magic!"

- Pianist and Composer, Kerry Politzer 

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