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We're very proud to work on successful and interesting recordings.  No matter who, everyone deserves to have a stellar mastering job on their project. 


We believe that the music, the project, and the artist are the most important aspects of any recording.

Our approach to mastering is to delicately unveil the very essence of the musical expression, allowing it to confidently speak for itself. It's about bringing out the inherent beauty and emotion that lies within the music, without imposing our own agenda or altering its natural character.

Our commitment to an analog mastering process is a reflection of our values and dedication to preserving the integrity of the music. We strive to create a transparent and honest sound that honors the artist's vision and captures the true spirit of the music.

Sessions with:
3 Doors Down
Jimmie Herrod
Aaron Nigel Smith (Billboard #1)
Bridge City Sessions
Korgy & Bass
Gil Assayas (GLASYS)
All One Tribe (2021 Grammy Nominee)
Otis Span

Jimmy Eat World 

Brothers of the Baladi (2016 Grammy Nominee)
Ed Bennett
George Colligan
Nahko - My Name is Bear
Blood for Blood
 TKO Records

Martin Sexton
Phil Palonen w/Lew Soloff  
New Birth Brass Band
Zade  (#13 on Billboard Charts)
The Drifters
Trey Anastasio
Eric Shwartz
Mike Welch
Fletcher & John

Hyannis Sound
Canta y Baila Conmigo
Hydra Coil
Daughters of St Paul
integer [x]
Gregg Belisle-Chi 
Jon Durant
Kingsley Durant
David Friesen
Delta Generators
Tyrone Hendrix
Ronnie Benjamin
Tony Ozier
Ed Bennett
Tim Snider
Hailey Niswanger
Max Ribner Band
J Ross Parelli
Banana Stand Media
Birch Beer Records
Jiggle the Handle
Lori McKenna
Camp Creek Records
Steve Swatkins
Maranatha Records
Emma Hill

Todd Thibaud
Ed Spargo
Lisa Marsh

Big Wheel Recreation

Delta Clutch
Barbara Kessler



The Winefield

Jess Klein
Bob Franke

Don Richmond

Dr Bewkenheimer

Stephanie Corby

Norberto Tavaras
Ian Hughs
Ellos Tres

WBCN Naked with:
    •    Incubus
    •    Moby
    •    Radiohead
    •    Lenny Kravitz
    •    Tantric
    •    Limp Bizkit
    •    Weezer
    •    Adema
    •    Kid Rock
    •    Godsmack
    •    Blink 182
    •    Papa Roach
    •    Disturbed
Heidi Saperstein
Kim Jennings
Dan Cloutier
Joe Seville
Tufts SQ
Joe Patrina & Little House

Gregg Greenway

Brian Kelley Quartet

Head Clinic

Kevin Harris

The Carlos Project

Laura Vincent

Flip Ya for Real

Ana Lopes

Bomba Creole



Mike Barrett

Salil Sachtev

Bridgewater State College

Past Mistakes


Julia Kelley

MR Productions

Jennifer Tefft

Spooky Daly Pride

Baby Killa
Laura Clapp


Sarah Burnham


Skin Device

Anything Else

Rude House Records

Hamilton College



Palace in Thunderland

Elgin James

Lydia Warren

El Trio De Hoy

Katie Barbato
Read Yellow
Joe Mugg's Coffe Houses
Geoff Bartley
Fat City Band
Michael Troy
Tony Gallo
Duncan Walters
David Doruzka
Li'l Anne & Hot Cayenne
¡ine Minogue
Getaway Car
Mike Welch
Robin Wright
Katie Terrio
Egui Castrillo And His Orchestra
Reverend Bob and the Darkness
Vanessa Trien
Crash Alchemists

Mark Dix

Nice Move Records

The Modifiers

Ronan Quin

Globe Productions

Andy Lumen

Becky Chase Band

The Forgotten

WZLX/Allman Brother’sBand

...and you?
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