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These are just a few of the ways clients describe working with Dana:

"Professional, easy to work with, straight-up magician".  

"I'm floored listening to the masters, thanks for being supportive and encouraging through the process."

About Mastering Engineer, Dana White

While working as a CD/Cassette replication engineer in the mid-90s, I was surprised by the number of projects that lacked proper attention given to the mastering process. Many of these projects suffered, with issues such as unlabeled or damaged discs, incorrect formatting and overly harsh sound. This was a common problem, and unfortunately, many artists were negatively impacted by this careless approach to mastering.


It was a stark contrast when I received albums from more reputable mastering studios. The difference in sound quality was remarkable, and these albums were truly enjoyable to listen to. This realization fueled my desire to become a part of the mastering profession.


Study in music performance and sound recording technology at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell (BMus) along with extensive experience in recording & mixing, broadcast audio, CD/tape manufacturing, and digital media, including being an 'Apple Digital Masters' Provider, I bring a unique perspective and deep empathy to the mastering process. 


I founded Specialized Mastering in 2001, following my experience at Northeastern Digital and 9West Mastering. Working on award-winning projects for indie talents and recording legends, including those with Grammy© nominations, has established my reputation as a top mastering engineer in the industry.


I strive to understand what sounds good, providing constructive feedback and making informed decisions to enhance the project’s overall quality.


As a member of your music production team, I am dedicated to making your mastering experience seamless and enjoyable!


Mastering Engineer - Dana J White

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