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DDP Player for e-Mastering

Specialized Mastering - Master Player

In the quest to make a better mastering experience, we provide a *DDP player app you can use to listen to your newly mastered project.  

All the pressing companies are now asking for DDP over CD-R masters because they can be uploaded quickly and accurately.  Now there is a way for you to listen to the DDP, pull WAV files for streaming, and burn CDs directly from your master. 

In the modern era, with fast internet connections and dropbox file delivery, we are creating DDPs directly from our mastering systems.  In practice a DDP is much like a CD in that it contains audio, track changes, song & album/artist text, ISRC Codes, etc. 

The other benefit is the player is a closed environment, so you don't accidentally listen through extra audio processing (forgotten plug-in?). Hearing your mastered audio as it was created is vital.

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