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Following the Sonic Trail

Following the Sonic Trail

I had a conversation with a client yesterday.  He was wondering if I would give the project my all because it's “just a kids group”.  

My reply to Jim was along the lines of, "kids deserve to have their project mastered to a high standard as anyone; platinum seller or street corner busker.”  

It kind of surprised me that anyone would expect less than my best for their project. 

Here’s why.  Long ago when starting mastering professionally and struggling to get rough sounding projects sounding good, I was near throwing up my hands and letting an album go that wasn’t meeting my standards; Then I had an epiphany.

I started to think about how I'd never heard any bad sounding work from my mastering heroes.  They must have a way to get things to sound good, no matter what.  hmmmm…

Pursuing and persevering to arrive at something that satisfies my ear is a whole lot of fun.  Even if that means pulling out all the stops, or doing next to nothing for a project, I’m game.  

Fast forward a few years, it would be a kid's album that I mastered that would be nominated for a Grammy.

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